How Much Does Owning a Car Really Cost?

Your total monthly car ownership costs may be higher than you think. Your car payment is one thing, but when you add in depreciation, insurance, and maintenance—that’s a big number. Flexdrive subscriptions include everything you need to get and stay on the road—without the hassle of being locked into one car for many years. It’s an entirely new way to car.

Average Retail Price
Dealer fees
Total amount financed
Average loan interest rate
Monthly Payment
(OEM standards)
(per month)
Total Monthly Cost
Cost Per Mile
(1,000 miles a month)

Registration and Eligibility

What are the eligibility requirements?

Is there any advance or down payment needed?

How long does registration take?

Once my membership has been approved, what happens if my payment or driver’s license information changes?

I signed up for Flexdrive but there are no vehicles available. How long will I have to wait?

Is Flexdrive available in other cities?

Your First Vehicle

How do I get my first vehicle?

What is included in the weekly (or 28 day) payment?

How long can I subscribe to a Flexdrive vehicle?

Do I have a mileage limit?

Can other people drive my Flexdrive vehicle?

What types of vehicles does Flexdrive offer?

Switching or Renewing Vehicle

How do I renew my current vehicle subscription?

What if I do not want to renew my current vehicle?

Can I swap vehicles with available inventory in the Flexdrive fleet?

What do I need to do on the day of my vehicle pick up or drop off?

What is involved in a vehicle inspection?

Vehicle Issues

What happens if my Flexdrive vehicle breaks down?

What does maintenance coverage include?

When am I covered under Flexdrive’s insurance policy?

What is covered under roadside assistance?

How do I pay for things like parking tickets or tolls?

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