Driving the car you want is more fun than having a car loan.

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Freedom. Flexibility. Finally.

Freedom At Last

Say goodbye to finding the right car, negotiating a fair price, and dealing with paperwork. You no longer have to be stuck paying for a car you don’t want. With Flexdrive, getting a car is fast, easy and painless. No dealerships. No cheesy hold music.

Maximum Flexibility

From one week to months at a time, Flexdrive subscriptions are customized to meet your changing needs. Why pay for a car you don’t use? Going on vacation? Turn off your subscription for week. Need to swap cars? No problem. Pick the right car for wherever life takes you using your smartphone.

Just Choose the Car You Want and Go

Subscribe to Flexdrive and get the car you need, with no mileage restrictions, no long-term commitments, and no hidden fees. It’s the new way to car.


 One payment includes everything but gas

 Swap vehicles whenever you want


 No credit checks

 No long-term commitments

 No down payment


 Manage everything from your smartphone

 Download, choose and drive!

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